Adrian Woolley, Hollie Blue’s top sponsored fighter, launches Crimson Raid, a company devoted to products that promote Wrestling, Combat and Kabaddi.

Hollie Blue Inc., proud sponsor of Canada’s top MMA flyweight, Adrian Woolley, is an exclusive promoter for Crimson Raid, a company that promotes wrestling, combat, and kabaddi through premium clothing and accessories.  

ONTARIO, CANADA:  Hollie Blue Inc. is proud to announce that its top sponsored fighter, Adrian Woolley, is launching a bold new company, Crimson Raid, which promotes the exceptional abilities of wrestlers, fighters and kabaddi players. Crimson Raid provides premium clothing and accessories designed for specific events and for raising money for mentorship programs that raise awareness of the sports, entice more people to get involved and help keep mentors active. 


Adrian Woolley, Professional Fighter, Wrestler, Kabaddi Player and Founder of Crimson Raid explains, “People often refer to competitors in our sports as athletes, which is inaccurate.  Our sports separate warriors from athletes as they involve violent clashes that demand a much higher level of performance.  Warriors have a much stronger will to succeed so I created Crimson Raid to raise awareness of our sports, the mentors and the opportunities our sports make available.”  


Chad Pearson, President of Hollie Blue adds, “Hollie Blue is especially proud to partner with Crimson Raid for many reasons.  First and foremost, Crimson Raid is developed by a good friend.  It is great to see Adrian building a business that promotes what he is most passionate about.  Next, diversity is at the core of Hollie Blue and Crimson Raid is dedicated to sports that unite people from all over the world regardless of who they are, where they are from, how much money they have, or what they believe.  Furthermore, Crimson Raid devotes revenue towards programs that introduce under-privileged people to the arts.  It is a great company to support.”

Crimson Raid’s first product is a premium short sleeve shirt available in several colors for men and women.  It was designed for the Substance Cage Combat event in Ontario, Canada on June 29th, 2013, featuring Adrian Woolley vs. Randy Turner, in the main event.  All competitors, fans and people who want to promote the arts can purchase products through the Crimson Raid online store. 

Crimson Raid is currently working with wrestling, combat and kabaddi associations throughout the world to create more exciting products.  Those interested in learning about new products can join Hollie Blue or the Crimson Raid mailing list.   



Chad Pearson
President and Co-founder, Hollie Blue Inc.
Dir:  (416) 574-1677

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