About Us


Crimson Raid is dedicated to promoting wrestling, combat, and kabaddi, which deserve distinct recognition for demanding the highest levels of ability compared to other sports.

Founder Adrian Woolley explains it best,

“People often refer to wrestlers, combat artists, and kabaddi players as athletes which is inaccurate.  These arts separate warriors from athletes as they involve violent clashes that demand a much higher level of performance.  I created Crimson Raid to raise awareness of the sports, the mentors and the opportunities they offer.”



The most honorable aspect of wrestling, combat, and kabaddi is the capacity they have to unite people regardless of who they are, where they are from, how much money they have, what personal challenges they endure, or what they believe. 

For this reason alone, Crimson Raid aspires to ‘Get People Involved’ through programs that introduce under-privileged people to the sports and their incredible mentors. 

5% of all sales is directed to such programs.



Our first product is a premium short sleeve shirt designed for the Substance Cage Combat event in Ontario, Canada on June 29th, 2013, which features the company's founder in the main event. 

We are currently working with various wrestling, combat and kabaddi associations around the world to design other great products that deliver our message.

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Warrior arts provide exceptional opportunities while instilling the strength to succeed.  If you are a strong competitor in our respective sports and wish to be a mentor for an event, please contact Crimson Raid at info@crimsonraid.com.